Dynatron tracking systems



dynapage tracking unit

DYNAPAGE MODULE UNIT.      SRR $649.95 inc gst installed

Incudes gsm card with credit  ready go.

GSM paging tracking
Get an alarm condition within seconds with the Dynatrace GPS Pager but there is more! Not just a ‘warning" Dynatrace GPS Paging sends you the current location directly to your personal SMS capable phone. Then using Google Earth you can pinpoint your cars location.
Ok so it used to be enough to just fit an immobiliser with 5 Star Security then you'd be reasonably confident that you car would be safe where you left it when you returned. This remains true for many of our customers. More recently as import restrictions on the desirable (read turbo AWD) models makes these harder to acquire legitimately - theft of these is back on the increase.

GPS tracking comes with both GSM and GPS engines to tell you where your car is 24/7 but it's now more fleet management than security focussed. GPS tracking can be expensive, needs you to sign up for annual fees and gives you an internet based website. All involving sometimes hidden costs which continue to spiral onwards and upwards.

Our customers kept telling us that all you needed was a pager that if your car alarm is activated you would be notified with a SMS message to your phone. Well we have gone one better....you know can confirnm where your car is!.

You wanted:

No website annual fees!
No password and user address
No daily, weekly or monthly reports - you don't need them!
No hidden costs!
We've got:

No annual fees or website.
No password or user web address
No reports or reporting
Only a prepay SIM to maintain.

You need:

A Dynatron Security system already fitted to your car.
A PC with free Google Earth access, or access to one
An SMS TXT capable phone.
$649.00 to have a Dynatrace GPS fitted.
A prepay 021 SIM card.

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