4 Star rated M60b Alarm/Immobiliser

 4 starM60b model

RRP $549.00 inc gst installed New price 9.2018

This  model comes with built in turbo timer and new looking remote.

Fully Tested and Certified to the AS/NZ 4601 amendment 1 2003 and AS/NZS3749.1 2003 Class B for Vehicle Immobilisers and alarm systems.
The M60B is a fully featured alarm and automatic dual immobiliser.
The automatic dual circuit engine immobiliser is designed to deter theft by automatically disabling the starting and running of your vehicle. If your vehicle has central locking*, this model can provide keyless entry - just press the remote button and your doors lock or unlock!
Is your vehicle turbo charged and has a turbo timer ? No problem, the M60B has special software built-in that allows the system to be armed with the engine running with no sacrifice in security. If it is broken into whilst the engine is running, the engine will stop and be immobilised immediately.

M60B - standard siren

2009 model featuresAutomatic Dual Circuit Immobilisation
Two Simple to use 3 button Remote Controls (SAW 303MHz)
Keyless Remote Central Locking
Indicator and chirp confirmation
Built-in Turbo timer
Blue Dashboard Warning Light (LED)
4 Digit PIN Code Override
Security Re-arm and Re-lock (Refer Note)
Bonnet, Boot and Door protection
2 Stage Impact Sensor
Electric Siren
Remote Panic
Built-in Central Locking Relays
Standards Black Wiring
Concealed Main Plug
Window Warning Stickers
Optional Boot Release (Ch2 output) (Refer Note)
3 year warranty on product
Programmable FeaturesTurbo timer run time
Ignition safety door locking (Refer Note)
Door diagnostics
Siren / horn output
Chirps on/off
Central locking pulse length
Turbo timer interface
NOTE: Some vehicles require additional parts at extra cost to enable this feature to operate

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