M15 touch key dual Immobiliser

M15 Immobiliser

 3 star M15 model

 SRRP $299.00 inc gst installed

Certified to AS/NZS4601 amendment 1 2003 Immobiliser Standard.
Simple to use, inexpensive, yet a very effective automatic dual circuit engine immobiliser to prevent vehicle theft.

The M15 automatically immobilises the engine 30 seconds after you turn the ignition off. A dash board mounted LED warning light tells anyone your security system is armed !
To deactivate, simply touch your coded tag against the dash board mounted receiver and start your engine !

The M15 is an ideal immobiliser to add to a non-Star rated alarm system - it brings it up to 3 Star level !


Automatic two circuit engine immobiliser

All black wiring

4 digit PIN coded override
2 Touch-key tags (Up to 4 tags may be used)

Dash mounted LED with tag receiver

Optional beeper for audible confirmation

Optional internal 3rd immobiliser

3 year warranty


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