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We have been installing hands free car phone since the mobile phone market first emerged in New Zealand.

Our company offers a free mobile installation Service in Auckland and the Hamilton metro area.
We do fleets and car dealships with blue tooth and hard wired kits these products
Our wide range of products offer  great value and options to suit phones with bluetooth option on it also some hands free car kits for standard phones, all you need to do is give us the make and model of phone, plus the make, model and year of the vehicle you want the kit installed into and we will give you options that will suit.

Brands like parrot, blue ant, nokia, many other brands while stocks last as due to overwelming demand.

So click here to email us now and let our sales team help and get in before the rush and before stocks become hard to get due to the rush to comply - which has already started.

On the 1st November 2009  law came in that you can not use mobile phones in a vehicle unless you have a hands free car kit installed.

We also supply to fleets and offer a great service to suit your needs to ensure that your company complies with the new legislation.

We look forward to helping you in your needs in this matter.

We have the hand free car kits to suit your needs, you need to contact or help full sales staff for free advise.

Don"t pay the police fine's and points against your license or even lose of your drivers license.

The law as set out in the N.Z transport  Agents is as follows. 

Whether you drive, ride, cycle or walk in New Zealand, changes to the ‘Road User Rule’ will affect you from 1 November 2009.

The Land Transport (Road User) Rule 2004 is the legislation that sets out the requirements for the safe and efficient use of our roads. The Land Transport (Road User) Amendment Rule 2009, signed by Transport Minister Steven Joyce in August, outlines 24, either new or updated, provisions to further improve safety and efficiency for road users.

The most high-profile change is the impending ban on the use of hand-held mobile phones while driving. One study has shown that using a mobile phone while driving can increase a driver’s risk of being involved in a crash by up to four times.

Although the Road User Rule allows the use of hands-free mobile phones, the NZTA recommends that drivers minimise the potential for distraction by switching phones off while driving, or pulling over to make or receive calls. From 1 November it will only be legal to use a mobile phone to make, receive or end a call when driving if:

•the driver does not have to hold or manipulate the phone to do so (i.e. phone is completely voice activated), or
•the mobile phone is securely mounted to the vehicle and the driver manipulates the phone infrequently and briefly.
The rule does not allow drivers to create, send, or read text messages under any circumstances.

There are a further 23 amendments to the Road User Rule which include:

•riders of mopeds and motorcycles must switch their headlamps on during daylight hours, unless manufactured before 1 January 1980
•when a driver has to cross a special vehicle lane to turn left or get to a parking space, they must now do so in the minimum length of the lane necessary but no more than 50 metres.
For further information about the other provisions please read the Q&As or the amendment Rule below.

It is not the intent of the Road User Rule to make it illegal for drivers to use the satellite navigation and music functions of mobile phones, provided they are mounted in the vehicle and manipulated infrequently and briefly. Officials are currently amending the rule accordingly. However, phones and satellite navigation systems should always be programmed while the vehicle is stationary, as doing so in a moving vehicle is a potential distraction. As per statutory requirements we are currently consulting the public on this further amendment.

Questions and answers
•Land Transport (Road User) Amendment Rule 2009 Q&As (HTML)
•Land Transport (Road User) Amendment Rule 2009 Q&As (PDF, 188 KB)
•Leaflet (PDF, 147 KB)
•Poster (PDF, 274 KB)
Amendment Rule
•Land Transport (Road User) Amendment Rule 2009 (PDF, 96 KB)
Last updated: 15 October 200


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